Tuesday, 17 April 2007

A green fuse is lit

A green fuse is lit, originally uploaded by Trans-itions.

belongs with "Return to Eden" poem

The Horned Gods silently stir

belongs with Return to eden poem

Who is truly dead?

Who is truly dead?, originally uploaded by Trans-itions.

This belongs with the Return to Eden poem

out of darkness

out of darkness, originally uploaded by Trans-itions.

Eden Revisited

I am already entranced
The green fuse is lit

A green fire is flowing
An every colour green transfusion
An elixir, pouring life into darkness

The Wychwood dead awake
Holes gape, stones slip
Trees come back to life

I lost a child
Here, in these woods
A soul child
Here, in paradise
Among the dead
Among the living
And the reborn

Out of darkness he comes
To witness with me
Such incredible peace
Even my footfalls
A piercing disturbance
Twig snaps
A cannonade

I breathe in the stillness
A presence among the dead
As they catch again
At the tinder box
Of new life
A new day
New Beginnings

Who is truly dead?
Who is just sleep-walking
To be aroused
In this new-warmed earth
This repopulated Eden

The Horned Gods silently stir
Uplifted arms, out of silent slumber
Sprung so suddenly
From the prison of winter
With its numbing north wind
And its furies of frost

Trees uncoil like snakes
In velvet green moss-skin
As the soft sun sings
Of another Eden Time

I wonder
How many more such seasons
Will come to me, like Lazarus
Before I am taken
Beyond even this Eden
With its war scarred peaces
To that peace
Which truly passes human understanding

Monday, 16 April 2007

Blair's England; the Face of War.

A cold sunday morning in March 2007. The clouds snake towards me around the edge of wychwood. Will Bush and Blair invade Iran now, even as power begins to drain away from them?

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kiss of new life

kiss of new life 2 copy.jpg, originally uploaded by Trans-itions.

I was very forcibly struck by the way the new growth on the far tree reaches out to touch the extended branches of the dead or not yet reborn tree in the foreground. I have edited the previous shot to bring this out more effectively

Return to Eden

I have restarted this web log with a change of address due to problems uploading to the old site. It should be pretty straightforward now to upload photos and keep up to date with the walks in wychwood creating poetry and pictures.

This shot is called the kiss of new life. It was so exciting to experience the dynamic between death decay and destruction amidst an explosion of new life in the trees.